Lewis Hamilton First One To Win In Austin – USA Grand Prix 2012

Lewis Hamilton made his move on the track, while Vettel cried on his radio like a little boy, and Hamilton made the car stick into the turn to become the first driver to win in what will become a very popular race on the Grand Prix calendar the United States Grand Prix 2012.

The exuberance that was pouring out of Lewis Hamilton was effecting everyone as he leaped out of this car filled with pure joy.

Hamilton will become the marketing face, (I am telling everyone now) of Formula One in the United States. How many covers of GQ?

Of the 100,000 tickets sold 15% were bought by non-Americans so it looks like Grand Prix Racing is here to stay in the USA and it was super cool to have the dude with USA flag on his helmet win.

This was an amazing day for all.

Especially Lewis Hamilton.

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