Reborn In The USA – United States Grand Prix Formula 1

Let me put it bluntly! There is nothing like the United States of America. Keep Monaco, and Abu Dhabi, but the USA is the richest market in the world, and it can change the sport of Formula 1 forever if it’s a hit. This time they did it right by building a track.

For that reason everyone out here is getting pretty excited as the weekend approaches; downtown Austin is buzzing, the team’s hospitality units are groaning and the marketing men are salivating almost as much as the drivers. I can see why: the Circuit of the Americas looks mouth-watering. This place is fun. Come on this is Texas, with music, food, fun, it’s the good old USA.

The Circuit of the Americas is like a ‘supercircuit’; an amalgamation of favourite corners from other tracks around the world. I have been critical of Hermann Tilke-designed circuits before but he has really listened to drivers this time.

American race fans may be more interested by what is happening in Homestead, Florida, this weekend — where the Nascar season, in an unfortunate scheduling clash, also reaches its climax — but in this land of opportunity I am hopeful that Formula One will grab its big chance and leave our hosts wanting more.

It’s time to Rock’N Roll.

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