Chill’n Like a Villain at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – Lewis Hamilton

All weekend Lewis Hamilton has been chill’n. The only thing is it was not chill’n in Abu Dhabi, was the temperature.

Lewis Hamilton powered to pole position ahead of Red Bull’s Mark Webber as championship leader Sebastian Vettel was pushed to the back of the grid for a fuel infringement.

So what is Red Bull going to do? They will start off Vettel from the not so cool pit-lane of Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

What does Lewis Hamilton think about driver Alonso and Vettel?, “Fernando was my team-mate; I know just how quick he is.” Hamilton also acknowledged Vettel’s quality but has emphasised his belief that a lot of his recent performance is down to the car improvements guided by Red Bull’s chief technical officer Adrian Newey, F1’s pre-eminent aerodynamic designer.

This is racing and things can go up and down, the McLaren seem to be running tight, and Lewis Hamilton has been charging like an Arabian stallion.

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