Take A Hike I’m Not Moving Over For Anyone – Mark Webber – Indian Grand Prix

When you’ve tasted champagne. You just want more. When you get great sex then you want more off it.   It’s not an addiction, folks.  It’s something you enjoy.

Mark Webber enjoys cricket then again he is Australia, and he loves to drive. So when Webber looks at the points and thinks he may have a chance should he move over for Vettel? hell no. Webber shared the same sentiment. “Mathematically I have a chance (of winning the title), so if I’m in the lead this weekend, I’m not pulling over for anyone.”

“It’s going to take a lot of smelly races for Seb and Fernando,” said the Aussie. “Winning some races will be useful, but if those guys finish as they normally do, then it’s going to be very difficult to get the points back, but never say never.”

Webber was not taking any prisoners as he gave one reporter short shrift who dared to suggest his remark that Alonso had a chance of the championship was not helpful to Red Bull or Vettel.

“That’s a ridiculous comment,” (as if bowling a fast ball) said Webber. “He is a two-time world champion, six points off Seb. He has a great chance to win the championship.

“Do you want me to come out and say Sebastian is the only one that can win it? You’re dreaming.”

Up next how Vettel the hunter is now the hunted.

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