Sweden in Abu Dhabi – ‘Eat Sleep Die’ –

I did not get to see the film Eat Sleep Die at the Toronto International Film Festival, and so I was not going to miss this Swedish gem in Abu Dhabi, at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2012.

“I wanted to make a film about the people I’ve always loved – but was ashamed to be part of.
I wanted to redefine the Swede’s image of Sweden and national identity.
I wanted the leading role to be an intense, cocky, straight- forward Muslim working class girl who doesn’t give a shit what others think about her.
I wanted to portrait a father-daughter relationship I never got to see on screen when I was a young girl.
I wanted to tell the story about young people today, in the midst of
the European unemployment crisis, trying to adapt to a contradictory society.” – Director,Gabriela Pichler

Possibly the most exciting and emotionally acute first feature to emerge from Sweden since Fucking Amal, Gabriela Pichler’s Eat Sleep Die is a heart-wrenching account of the new Europe under globalization — or, to put it in old-school terms, the ugliest aspects of late capitalism and its need to destroy and devour every social structure in pursuit of profit. Directed with sensitivity and profound emotional insight by Pichler — there are few more touching scenes in any film this year than Raša’s reunion with her father, or her and her best friend horsing around in an abandoned playground — Eat Sleep Die boasts brilliant performances from the largely non-professional cast led by Luka, who is quite simply unforgettable as the indomitable Raša.

Gabriela Pichler was born in Huddinge, Sweden and attended film school in Gothenburg. She has directed the short films Nångång (04), Leda (07) and Scratches (08), which won prizes at Munich, Karlovy Vary and the Uppsala Short Film Festival. Eat Sleep Die (12) is her debut feature.

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