Food for Films in Abu Dhabi at Yotto

If you have twenty-four hours to go till showtime and the ten days of films in Abu Dhabi you best scout out all the places you will want to eat. So upon landing where would I go first, it would have to be Yotto at Yas Yacht Club it’s a must-try on your list!

Cipriani’s only Japanese restaurant, Yotto is small yet perfectly formed. With only ten tables at most, the small, circular dining room instantly transmits a sense of intimacy and exclusivity. Literally meaning yacht or boat, the décor at Yotto follows a similar nautical theme to the rest of Cipriani, with huge floor-to-ceiling windows, soft wood tones and bright yellow and red accents adding a hint of oriental charm.

Ordering the food here, tell the chef, or tell the waiting staff you want it to be a delightful journey, and you will not be disappointed.

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