‘Arbitrage’ – Opens Abu Dhabi Film Festival – Oscar for Gere!

There was once a wall in New York, that was meant to keep the encroaching English out, as well as the Native American Indians from the Dutch settlement. The Wall had various spots where one would come and meet and trade. This was the beginning of Wall Street, in New York.

In New York City, on Wall Street, each day someone is one step away from making big money, and someone one step away from prison. It’s all a matter of how good your attorney is or who your attorney is.

Each year from Wharton School of Business, Harvard, Princeton, or Stanford among others someone smarter than the year before arrives on the scene who can cook books better, circumvent regulations, create a financial instrument that leads to the zero sum game.

There are others on Wall Street in New York City you go to when your in a jam, and they are the once who give you money to ‘park’, so your books look okay, while at the same time they take a ‘put option’ on your company stock to hedge their bets. They know the game.

The everyday person, no matter how smart he or she maybe has no chance against these odds, they are better off in Las Vegas, on Wall Street they will just get crushed like a fallen leaf inĀ Autumn in Central Park.

The big investment companies on Wall Street are like a great vampire wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming it’s blood funnel into anything that smells like money.

Arbitrage, the movie that opened the Abu Dhabi Film Festival captures the mood and has all of the above elements. In Arbitrage however Richard Gere Gere and first-time director Nicholas Jarecki put a tantalizing spin on what goes on in the head of a fraudulent hedge-fund manager when he decides to stick it to the rest of us, including his own family. On Wall Street, someone will get screwed but screwing your own family? that is the cold, calculating, elegant, character of Robert Miller,portrayed by Richard Gere and in my humble opinion the man deserves an Oscar for his sterling performance. Arbitrage never descends to bland and predictable.

The film was disturbing to me, because of it’s sheer power, and the man portrayed by Richard Gere will stir some emotions in you.

The entire cast, in the film give great performance’s, and at 62 years of age the man Richard Gere is on top of his game.
It’s an implosive tour de force.

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