Childhood Dreams Come True in F1 for Rosberg and Hamilton

Imagine the thrill, of racing go carts being kids, and have those cool dreams you do when you are kids of racing in Formula One one day.

Racing go-carts at the age of 14 was exactly what Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg where doing, and then you let your mind drift and Nico say’s to Lewis Hamilton, ‘Ah, imagine if, one day, we’re teammates in F1, how cool would that be?’ That is the magic of life and here we are and soon in 2013 they will be teammates, driving for Mercedes.

The 27-year-old German, Rosberg who is a few months younger than Hamilton, has been at Mercedes since 2010 and last November signed a new multi-year contract for “the 2013 season and beyond.”

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Roseberg, live close to each other in Monaco, have been friends for a long time, and now racing on the same team. It’s when you allow your dreams to play out in life that things just start to come together. The signing of Hamilton, whose arrival triggered Schumacher’s retirement, has meant the teen dream will become a reality in 2013. Nico Rosberg the young German, said he was delighted.

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