Welcome2Chicago and The Best Burger in America

Burgers. Everyone has that favorite spot. There are no shortages of Burgers in North America.

Recently while I was in Chicago to watch Prince rock out the town with three shows, found what in my opinion is one of the best burger joints in North America.

Can’t a burger just be a burger? Yes, and I found one in the perfect griddle burger at Chicago’s Au Cheval. The first thing you’ll notice is the soft, lightly toasted bun from Chicago’s Z Baking. And the all-important bun-to-burger ratio is spot on–none of that brioche bun nonsense.

Your single burger is actually packing two patties. If you’re brave enough to order a double, you’ll have to fight your way through three patties.

Au Cheval’s burger is comprised of four ounce, pre-formed (gasp, gasp!) prime beef patties. Nope–no chuck/shortrib/bone marrow custom patty blend happening here, yes folks watch out for those blended patties.

From $9.99 to the double at $11.95 one more thing that Chicago has going on for itself.

My Kinda town.

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