Go With The Flow – Girls, Wine and the band Kiss

In full make up the band Kiss would appear to be one that comes charging at you with their guitars and drum sticks to rob you of your greatest happiness, vanquish you like an enemies, to chase you to the worlds end and rob you of your wealth, and see those you love the most in tears. Gratitude to them being a sickness suffered by dogs. Hello! welcome to the world of Kiss, not!

On the second last day of the Toronto International Film Festival French actor Mehdi Nebbou was excited after all he with the cast and crew of English Vinglish was heading off to the red carpet premier of the film at Roy Thompson Hall across from the Ritz Bar at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Gauri Shinde, an Indian ad-film director. She is the wife of R. Balki, who has directed highly acclaimed films such as Cheeni Kum (2007) and Paa (2009). Shinde’s is making her directional debut through English Vinglish, which marks the comeback of actress Sridevi. This is a big deal. As the leave, the band Kiss returns from dinner and join my friends and I.

It had nothing to do with me whatsoever, it was very simple I was with a lot of great looking women. That to a rock band, is like a beehive is to bees.

Eric Singer, looks to me and say’s “where is the wine, I thought all the bottles would be lined up on the table” as I tell him that they will be arriving shortly. Eric say’s “Paul is a wine guy, so is Doc”.

Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer and manager Doc McGhee are chatting with those hanging out at the Ritz Bar patio, as Ashley runs to get glasses for the wine.

I introduce Doc McGhee to Luisa, Stephanie, Mary-Anne and Enza who I had met earlier, the Ritz Bar was like a Hullabalou Concert.

The wine arrived, it was opened, and served, Doc McGhee tried a taste, while Eric check-out every ladies watch. Eric Singer confesses to me he likes watches.

Soon, everyone was having a great time, this was not hard to do at the Ritz Carlton the epic center for the film festival, and the team of the hotel that kept going to the very end full speed, making everyone feel like they were at home.

Stephanie told me we have to stay in-touch and gave me her email and one look at it before I could say anything she looked at me with a look that said it before the words came out of her mouth, “I know my e mail sounds like a strippers”, which cracked me up and while the rest of the girls wrote their contact information on a paper The Ritz Carlton cocktail napkin Stephanie with a concerned look on her face said “Tim, Doc has invited all of us to the show, it’s in Buffalo it’s a hour and a half drive, do you think he is serious?”, “Steph, it’s the manager that has invited you he is absolutely serious”, I assured her. I looked around and Doc McGhee was standing nearby, “Doc, Stephanie has a question and I told her you were serious”. Stephanie explained her concern to which Doc replied “I would not have anyone waist seven seconds of their time, or seven minutes, If I have invited you, then you are looked after”. I gave Stephanie that look, kinda like saying told you he was serious kinda look, somewhat the look intending to reassure one don’t worry about it your in really good hands. After all they were standing in my fort, The Ritz Carlton in Toronto.

Life my friend is wonderful, just let it be so, and at times you will find yourself at a moment in time and if your are going to allow yourself to go with the flow then anything can happen, you can fall in-love, end up in bed with a total stranger, kiss someone you would never have thought you would kiss ( no pun intended ), try a drink you thought you would never have, or just be chilling at the right spot at the right time and get invited by the manager of Kiss to a show only a few hours away from Toronto. Such to me is the wonderment of life. Just go with the flow.

Gauri Shinde the writer and director of English Vinglish had now also returned to the Ritz Carlton, and she too was in wonderment of where she was at that very moment as I stood talking to her. She had been making ad’s now here she was in the lobby of the Ritz Carlton having shown her film at the Toronto International Film Festival. “Gauri” I said, “you know I discovered Gurinder Chadha, Shekhar Kapur at this festival and now here you are”, you see I was also in wonderment of the magic that was around me. Mehdi Nebbou and Gauri Shinde, were excited to meet the band as well, I let them know introductions would be made, “you know it would be kinda cool to make a film where the band Kiss goes to India, and one of them fall for a Indian girl, there might be a script in that”, before Gauri could even comment on my off-the-cuff remark, Mehdi looked me intensely in the eyes and said “you should do that, you should” it was as if saying wake-up man you can do it, produce such a film all the elements are here right now, director, actor, the band and manager, yes, the wonderment of it all.

A few day’s later, Enza, Luisa, Stephanie, and Mary-Anne sent me the following messages, and this is when you know you have done what you were put on this earth to do, create a flow, with love, put a smile on someones face, make people laugh, and spin magic that could bring them joy if they just go with the flow.

The most touching part was the message on the profile of the twitter account – simplymps

@simplymps FOLLOWS YOU Go with the flow My new tagline, Thanks Tim!! I love being a mom to my girls…..Alyssa 23 and Emily 19

The wonderment of it all, who knows what all this will lead to. I can tell you one thing, when you put good people with good people then only good things will happen. Maybe, a film, Kiss in India.

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