Prada – I Think I am Turning Japanese – Milan Fashion Week

Were you expecting something easy and straight-forward from Miuccia Prada this season? Of course you weren’t!

In fact, as the models started to arrive on the catwalk, it all went decidedly Japanese-looking. Some girls wore metallic leather socklets like traditional Japanese tabi socks – where the big toe is separated from the rest — with small bows on them. They looked a little like ballet pumps without a sole. Some of these were worn with ornate super-stacked platform sandals. Many have fallen in-love with these shoes.

Backstage after the show, Miuccia Prada dodged the question when asked if it was meant to be a “bit Japanese”. But she has a habit of doing this – when she did a very 1950s collection recently, she refused to confirm that it was based on that era. Instead she said that it was about the “impossibilities of women”.

The use of flowers this time was meant to be a “symbol of life for women and the huge struggle we always have,” she said. Other descriptions of the clothes she offered were “toughness with sweetness” and “rigorous but also delicate.” She also confirmed that the crazily high platforms would be lowered before going into shops next January.

All in all you need to check out the shoes in the video as well. I am into the red, always have been, it’s the color of Ferrari. But now Prada is teasing me.

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