From the Ritz to Madonna and Monte – MDNA Tour – Tiff12

It’s the Toronto International Film Festival (Tiff), and while there are many parties one party you do not want to miss is Madonna, and her MDNA World Tour.

The MDNA World Tour for me started in front of the Ritz Carlton in Toronto where Madonna’s very talented guitarist, singer, songwriter, musician, performer came to shred a bit of his MPS Jarrell guitar.

After receiving a call from Kelsey who worked so hard on Tiff’s biggest party fund-raiser “The Night That Never Ends” I was off to the show having to painfully part company with the beautiful Jane and a bottle of Ravine Vineyard Wine. Why? you ask. I did it to see Monte, seriously.

Having been an alter-boy, Madonna got me to go to church again with a twist. Madonna’s life-long themes of church and spirituality once again dominated the show.

The Girl Gone Wild opened the show, which had plenty of moving parts, slick lighting, big screens, and great sound.

Monte Pittman on a busy day had said that the sound check takes longer then the one-hour-and-55-minute show. It’s totally worth it, you feel every beat, hear ever note, so you can be assured of a good party.

Needless to say the dancers, they can dance well.

Tiff has been good to Madonna and she did not forget Tiff mentioning it several times, and showing clips of the film that was at Tiff last year W.E., while she sang the movie’s Golden Globe-winning song Masterpiece, with Monte Pittman by her side making the guitar sing.

Highlight for me at the show, watching and listing to Monte do his thing on his MPS, after all that’s why I had left a beautiful women behind at the Ritz, yes I am passionate about music and guitar.

When Madonna started Turn Up The Radio all those who had now heard and seen pictures of Monte Pittman at the Ritz started jumping, to me this part of the show really kicked-ass.

Madonna, what can I say she made it a family affair, rocked it, and acknowledged Tiff. She and all those around her are true artist’s.

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