Music in Films with Monte Pittman – Ritz Carlton – Tiff12

Monte Pittman, got his big break in music because of a film director. That director happened to be none other then Guy Ritchie, who at that time was married to Madonna.

Monte taught Guy guitar, that led to him teaching Madonna some pointers, which led to touring with Madonna as her lead guitarist. That’s how magic happens. But if you’re a nice guy magic just keeps happening as  it did again at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Toronto, in the heart of the Toronto International Film Festival, Tiff12.

Music people, get out do live shows in the middle of film festivals and deals will happen. Studio executives don’t have time to listen to demos, CDs or come to some venue.

The Ritz Carlton in Toronto is not just a hotel;  it wants to make it happen for everyone, creates an environment in which business can take place and during the week of the film festival, they brought in another big gun, Madonna’s man, on tour with the MDNA World Tour 2012, Monte Pittman.

Monte Pittman, played his MPS Jarrell guitar in front of the Ritz Bar. Watching Monte play was a film producer who has ten film on the slate ready to go and  is showing a film at Toronto International Film Festival.

This led to them meeting and here you get to see film business which is what Tiff is all about taking place.  The art of film-making meets music.

My Manager will call your manager. This is Toronto, it’s the Ritz, the Toronto International film festival, with Monte Pittman.

One day Monte Pittman will be picking up an Oscar for scoring a film. I can see it now. Check it out.

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