Material Girl’s – Monte Pittman Magic – at Ritz Bar – Tiff12

This is the Toronto International Film Festival (Tiff12). It is the biggest film festival in North America. To film makers this is as important as Cannes, and perhaps even more important due to the number of commercial deals that our done here at Tiff12 supporting independent film makers. For me to be involved this year in my own way helping Tiff12 take it up a notch has been especially a thrill as my an old friend of mine founded it 37 years ago by the name of William Marshall, who also wanted to bring big concerts to Toronto.

When we talk big global concerts, well you can count into that MDNA World Tour.

Madonna makes films, her ex-husband Guy Ritchie makes films, I used to make films. Into this mix comes the very talented Monte Pittman.

One day in  New York City I caught my big break propelling me into space faster then a speeding rocket.  Monte caught his big break as well and it’s shot him to the moon with his MPS Jarrell guitar, and he’s gonna take you to Mars today.

Monte Pittman grew up in East Texas, with a dream, he wanted to just play guitar in a big way. Guess what, he did it.

Monte Pittman decided one day to give guitar lessons, and he got a call to teach someone, that someone was Guy Ritchie at the time still married to the material girl, Madonna. Monte also ended up teaching Madonna a few new tricks, ( yes life is an on-going lesson ), which landed Monte the biggest gig ever being the guitar dude for Madonna on her world tours.

Monte Pittman, plays the Jarrell MPS guitar which he first played at the Super Bowl half time show with Madonna. This is a guitar which he helped design with Phillip Jarrell. Monte tells me that the sound of this guitar is awesome.

Today Monte Pittman will come the the Ritz Carlton hotel, and rock it in front of the hotel. He will rock his MPS Jarrell guitar, so this is as close you will get to it. The next time Monte Pittman will play it will be on stage at Air Canada center with Madonna.

Follow me and be a VIP today at the Ritz Carlton Toronto 4pm

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