Bruce Willis – Gave me the greatest hug ever! Welcome to Tiff12

It’s 2005. The setting was Los Angeles, Hollywood Bowl, dressing room of The Rolling Stones.

I was walking around with my friend Jamie Wood, who at the time was managing his father the band member of The Rolling Stones, Ronnie Wood. Jamie and I went here and there, Mick Jagger was busy looking at the wardrobe diligently inspecting it. Kieth Richards was in his room but and the door was closed and Charlie was chatting with someone.

Jamie and I kept on walking and then Jamie saw his mom Jo Wood, they chatted and Jamie and I found what we were looking for Jamie’s love of his life Jodi Wood, and his son’s. The room they were in was set up as a play room, kids where running around playing. I left Jamie with Jodie and walked into the hallway only to find standing back against the wall observing everything Bruce Willis.

Jamie Wood had noticed that Bruce Willis was backstage and had commented to Jodie, if she thought it would be a good idea to have Bruce Willis hold their baby so they could have a picture taken. Jamie said “It be kinda cool, when he grew up and all to say look there I am in Bruce Willis’s arms”. Jodie looked at Jamie “You can’t be going asking Bruce Willis to hold the baby”, both were scared to approach Bruce Willis. Here is Jamie, who’s grown up all rock and roll and he was just shy to approach Bruce Willis.

Standing with Bruce Willis, I introduced myself to Bruce and we started to chatting. I told Bruce I wanted to make a movie in India with him to which Bruce responded “let’s go”. Bruce being a very easy going guy, I said, “hey Bruce, would you mind holding my friends baby for a picture, his grand-daddy is Ronnie Wood?”, Bruce let me know that was no big deal.

After the picture was taken, Bruce and I started talking again, and Johnny Depp walked in smoking something (not cigarette), “Hey Johnny What up” I said Johnny nodded and kept on going straight over to Keith Richards room. A few moments later Ronnie Wood was running around all excited holding what ever Johnny Depp had previously had in his hand. Welcome to rock and roll, where even a Rolling Stone will get excited by Johnny Depp.

It was time to go for me, it was getting hectic backstage, in the dressing rooms. I said my good-bye to Bruce Willis we shook hand and as if old friends hugged. It was at this moment I found out more about Bruce Willis then anyone could ever tell me. It was that hug. The hug that someone give you that means something. Not a fleeting hug, such as see ya, bye kind of hug. It was the kind that, was a hug, with a pause, in which it was said, cool to meet you man, take care, a hug with a surging sincerity. It was the last time I saw Bruce Willis or Johnny Depp.

So here we are in 2012, the setting will now be Toronto, where I had grown up at the Toronto International Film Festival, where Bruce Willis will open it with a gala for his film, Looper.

Johnny Depp well he too will be here at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The Rolling Stones? Well I invited them including Richard Branson, will they come or will Mick, Ronnie or Keith? who know’s. What is kinda cool for me, to see Bruce Willis open this fantastic film festival.

Who know’s maybe Bruce will give me another hug this time to say, hello nice to be in your town. What will I say to Bruce? “Brucee, you got to come up and make a movie here in Toronto. The city really welcome’s you”.

Here is a short clip of the welcome to Bruce Willis, and a message to Johnny Depp at Fresh restaurant on Queen Street West, in Toronto.

Let’s start the party and rock Tiff12.

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