Action! The Kitchens for Tiff12 Toronto International Film Festival

I started to document the dance that takes place in the kitchen of Chef Brad Long’s Cafe Belong last year during the Toronto International Film Festival.

This year for Tiff12, I selected those restaurants where you will most certainly have great food, meet the team at these restaurants who are really a lot of fun, with great chef’s, and most importantly great food.

Daily, you’ll see the kitchens at work while films get screened, so when you are hungry, these kitchens will look after you.

I had my own place in Monte Carlo, and my all time favorite place is still La Colombe d’Or (St-Paul-de-Vence, France). So yea, I have standards.

All the spots are meant to let you explore Toronto, and I know everyone at these places, so if you go you will really have a great meal and good time.

Toca – Ritz Carlton – Toronto

The kitchen is great and the team and chef’s of the Ritz Carlton are catering the very exclusive Ball to which a private jet thanks to Bombardier is flying in with stars. They would not be doing it if they did not know food. ( Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner )

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Talent is all around the kitchen, vibe is great, the food is great.

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The bar will make you killer cocktails, and the kitchen here well Lucas and Jacob Sharkey-Pearce and the team will make sure you have a great time. (Dinner).

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Little Italy, catch the buzz and the food without question you will enjoy. (Dinner)

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The sushi is so fresh the fish is still fluttering on the kitchen table. Chef James from Nobu in New York, need I say more. (Lunch – Dinner)

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County General

Food, drinks, feel like your in Santa Monica. (Brunch, Lunch, Dinner)

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Great place if your running around and need great Mexican fresh. The designers of Prince love this spot (Lunch)

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Cafe Belong

As always great food, it like being in Big Sur at the Post Ranch Inn.
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

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Ravine Valley Vineyards

Finished with your gig at the festival?, then head out of town to my friends Vineyard. Great food, it’s like being in Napa.

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Special Thanks To The Sponsors

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