Magic of Jenson Button at Spa – The Belgium Grand Prix F1

Jenson Button won a boring race. Boring for Jenson Button only. He led from the start to finish, while behind him there was carnage, slick passing, jumping into pit’s to slow another down, and battles going on.

Pastor Maldonado I have said it before is going to get someone killed. While Romain Grosjean most certainly is to blame for taking out Alonso, Hamilton, and Sergio Pérez, Grosjean’s poor judgement was a cause and effect in my personal opinion due to the actions of Pastor Maldonado.

Romain Grosjean, is a talented driver, but like they say on Monday Night Football, “Come on man”, you’re not gonna win a formula one race in the opening turn of the start. This is formula one, so many elements at play, such as tyres, engine, brakes and so on.

“This circuit is such a special one for most drivers,” Button Jr said. “To lead from lights to flag is very special.”

There was some great driving in this race however. Moments such as Kimi, letting his car go down hill at 185mph, making a pass was classic. There was the battle between the Germans Schumacher and Vettel.

This formula one race was one where you could forget about the leader in the lead, who skillfully drove his McLaren all the way preserving his tyres.

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