‘Superconductor’ Andy Allo’s Magic Could Have Been At TIFF2012

So…. last weekend I hung out my friend Prince and he introduced me to the beautiful songbird, Andy Allo. I had the honor of hearing songs from her new album “Superconductor” produced by Prince. After 8 bars of the first song, “People Pleaser” which features the legendary Maceo Parker and my New Orleans brother Trombone Shorty, I realized I had stopped breathing for a minute.(laughing) That track was so funky my neck hurt afterwards from bobbing so hard.As I listened to more songs it began to hit me that I could not take this home and I began to beg for an advance copy.(laughing)Nothing worked so I have to wait like everyone else. Andy’s songwriting is refreshing and so needed in music. Her voice sweet, sultry with an edge. Vocally she does just enough gently gliding through melodies and her lyrics say it all. Her heart is all over her guitar. I can hear where Prince enhanced what’s already there.This collaboration is divine. The musicianship on this project reminds me why I fell in love with music. September 20th “Superconductor

-Ledisi Anibade Young

I consider myself very fortunate to be blessed by the magical powers of the universe that bestow upon me the talents of so many, especially but not limited to music. Music, those notes, riffs and lyrics that blend like a fine  rich tapestry in tone.

To watch Andy Allo play that guitar on stage with Prince in the Welcome to Canada tour was altogether one of the highlights of 2011. The magic was ever present on stage.

Prince and Andy Allo had some of their cloth’s designed by my designer friends in Toronto and Magpie located in the vortex of magic on Queen Street West. Andy Allo herself came in one day and cleaned out the story before retiring to the sanctuary of the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Andy Allo did not tour with Price on his Welcome to Australia Tour as she was working on her album. So what did I do? I picked up the phone called her attorney in Los Angeles and invited Andy Allo to Toronto to come and play a gig to help some of my friends who run a wonderful organization called Toronto International Film Festival or TIFF. All I can say what, (Oh yes baby, what an album launch that would have been) as the world of media and entertainment converges and changes the cultural landscape of the city of Toronto.

But alas the dates don’t work, but still if I was her manager I’d say give the world a tease in Toronto,  Andy Allo, but then again I am not her manager, no the man who produced her album has a lot of say in this and he is the master of music, the legendary Prince.

My man Prince reflect on this my brother you lived here you know it well, a song a tune can change so much and turn the lives of so many.  There is still time to come, you are invited.

Change the world through the creative power of imagination and talent of music and film.

Peace my brother and sister.

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