Discovering Swedish Model – Anna

From making a film The Perfect Murder with Merchant Ivory Productions with Stellan Skarsgård the actor from Sweden, to my trusted former assistant code name ‘Money Penny’ a Swede, my current assistant in training a Swede, my life has in a magical way revolved around Sweden.

So hello Anna Björkman. I saw some images posted on my Facebook by an artist friend Mark Getty and they caught my eye, and I was on it, sending a message to Mark, text messaging and e-mailing Josefine (yea! I get excited), talking about the discovery of Anna.

Anna come from a historic city of Sweden, Helsingborg and currently resides in Glasgow, in the United Kingdom. Like so many Swedes she is multi-talented, creative, and naturally beautiful. So here is a short interview with the model from Sweden who wanted to be a farmer.

So Anna what did want to be growing up in Sweden?

I have never had a set plan actually as I wanted to be so many things and as I can be a little indecisive unfortunately. My first dream job was to be a farmer at the age of five but I gave that up quite quickly…I then wanted to be a journalist for a long time but realized that it is very difficult to ‘make it’ in Sweden and that I would always be a at a disadvantage writing in English as it is not my native language.

You seem to be a very creative type photography, modeling what else do you like to do that is creative and where does this creativity come from?

I think I need to do creative things to feel good, I get ideas and I just feel that I need to do something with them. Modelling is great for that as there are so many things you can do when working with a creative team. When I was younger I was into writing – as I wanted to be a journalist, I also played the violin for many years and I have done a bit of acting which I am actually planning on taking up again.

What made you move to UK?

I got a job offer in the UK after I left school and I was meant to be here for 6 months, but then my contract got extended, and then extended again…and I suddenly realized that I wanted to stay even longer as I find the UK to be more inspiring and fun than Sweden.

Do you speak other languages other then Swedish and English

I love languages! I studied Spanish at school but unfortunately I have forgotten most of it now. I am now studying French instead at university.

What do you love to eat the most?

My mum’s home cooking and baking of course As I don’t go back to Sweden that often it means a lot to me to have traditional food once in a while. I get cravings for Swedish cinnamon buns quite often…

At the end of the day what would you really like to do, with your life?

I am still not entirely sure about that but I think it is important to have a life you enjoy at the same time as you treat other people the way you wish to be treated so that is what I am trying to achieve in some way.

Where is one place you have not traveled to but would like to go?

There are so many places I would like to go but I have been curious about South America for a long time. I am actually planning on going to Ecuador next summer and I would like to stop in New York on my way there as that is another place I really would like to visit.

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