George Leach Rock’s Ironhead !

Like anything in life, if your not walking with your eyes wide open your about to miss the magic that is all around you every day. I don’t have a mission other then when I landed back in Toronto after years in Los Angles back where I grew up to seek out and speak out about great cool Canadian stuff, not in a shy way, but my way! on the pages of My Name Is Khan.

So one day I walked into a store, not by design I was actually headed to Jimmy’s Coffee shop, but then this shop Ironhead on Queen Street caught my eye and I was drawn in.

Ironhead, was started by Mike Regan after he had been busy stitching hand made jerseys in his parents basement officially founded IRONHEAD. The company takes great care in making sure your getting the best easy to wear all Canadian goods. There stuff, is really just very cool. Carlos Santana walked in one day got a few things and rocked them on stage, so it was no surprise when I walked in and met with Melissa the manager that our meeting would turn into good old rock and roll.

Melissa had moved from Vancouver where Ironhead opened it’s first in Vancouver’s Kitsilano district. Opened in 2000 by Danny Regan (founder Mike Regan’s older brother), IRONHEAD Vancouver was nominated as one of the city’s top ten new stores in its first year. Renowned for its customer service as much as its focus on Canadian-made limited-editions and iconic graphics. So when a musician from Vancouver walked in George Leach, naturally Melissa knew him as Ironhead get’s to know it’s customers like any good place.

George talked about his show, his upcoming album and I was just there showing Melissa a picture of a guitar case designed by a designer friend of mine Marc Marmel whom I was introduced to by Sean Brosnan, Pierce Brosnan’s son, yes folks, (that’s just how things happen), George was keen to look at the picture on my phone and explained he too plays guitar.

It was one of those magical moments, as George opened his laptop to show me the new album cover art, and then play me a few tunes. I told him he has got to go connect with my friend Karen a great lady who lives in Vancouver and own the record label File Under Music. All George really wanted was some things to wear as he told Melissa and me, Ironhead is so easy to tour with.

So here is what George shared with me and I am sharing with you. Music discovered by me at Ironhead store in Toronto.

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