Music Big Part Of The Man – Bradley Wiggins Brit Who Made History

Making a playlist is a bit difficult,because it changes every time, that’s the thing. These aren’t necessarily just for training or anything, music is just a constant in my life.

He was King of Champs Elysees on a Vespa, but Bradley Wiggins The cyclist has made history twice this year after becoming the first Brit to conquer the Tour de France in its entire 99-year history, and on Wednesday brought home Olympic gold to become the country’s most decorated Olympic athlete – all in appropriately pruned sideburns and slimfit clobber.

The man also has some as they say ‘mod’ taste in music.

“When I was eleven, I discovered his first solo album and then delved into the roots of that with The Jam and stuff. I’m also really into Steve Cradock’s latest solo album, which is kind of psychedelic a little bit Beatlesque – his solo work is completely different to Paul Weller’s solo stuff. Weller’s more recent stuff I don’t really like as much, some of it’s good, but some of it’s a bit too out threre for me. While Steve Cradock has stayed with that Ocean Colour Scene thing, which was my first love really in the early 90s.” – Bradley Wiggins

Here are two tracks that of Paul Weller’s songs that are on Bradley Wiggins play list. Check it out and rock your visit to London2012.

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