The Link Between Jimmy’s Coffee Shop, Danny Boyle, and Olympics 2012

You all know this. There is a sign on the street pointing you to a location, you are curious but don’t have time, the inclination, nor the hunger desire to check it out. This you have done several times such as in the German film Run Lola Run, where the same occurrence is repeated till the outcome changes.

Then came a day, when I made a conscious decision to simply go to Jimmy’s Coffee only because now I had heard about the great coffee they make from someone I know. My curiosity is aroused, Hollywood will be coming to town and I need to know every little spot that has charm, personality and in this case coffee.

So I finally arrive to Jimmy’s Coffee at the right day, the right time and here is where everything got very interesting.

Ordering my coffee from Ash, I let her know it had been my mission to come try the coffee, my very first time to Jimmy’s. Ash wasting no time as time is not to be wasted at Jimmy’s due to the line-up of regulars, Ash produced for me what looked like a magical cappuccino and informed me it’s on the house, ( yes, folks in a city where no one give you anything for nothing ) at Jimmy’s it’s sort of a trend, that caught me off guard.

I took a seat out side on the patio on Portland Street, and sitting across from me where a few guys three of whom had crashed over to visit a friend. The man they had dropped in to visit told me how he was bouncing back from divorce, loss of job, a move to Toronto and how now everything was coming back to what some would say normal (in my world I have no idea what “Normal” is)

Ash had decided to take a break and she was recovering from late night of being in-love with tequila. I told her “hey it’s summer and a roof party would not be a party without tequila”.

It was as this time I discovered that the dude in the orange cap in the photograph below, was from Amsterdam, and we started talking about me making films, and how much I loved Amsterdam my nights with Rolling Stones at Yab Yum was one of the best-known and most exclusive brothels in Amsterdam till it was closed due to it’s owner’s link to Hell’s Angels, a surprise came my way.

Jimmy’s Coffee shop has a lot of cool pictures of Jimmy Hendricks and Bob Marley, and the conversation went to A.R. Rahman recording with Mick Jagger and Damien Marley and we started talking about the Oscar winner film directed by Danny Boyle Slumdog Millionaire. The Dude from Amsterdam looked at me and told me his best friends dad is diplomat Vikas Swarup who wrote the novel Q & A (2005), the underlying work which was adapted for the screen by Simon Beaufoy.

As I sipped what was an excellent cappuccino, my mind raced in wonderment at the collage Jimmy’s Coffee.

London and United Kingdom was still buzzing from the Olympic Opening Ceremonies created by Danny Boyle, and here I was few day’s later sitting with a dude who’s best friends dad, had written the novel.  The link to Danny Boyle, Olympic’s, London weaved it’s way into the patio of Jimmy’s Coffee.

Should you have coffee at Jimmy’s Coffee? Hell yes, if nothing else what you came for coffee is excellent.

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