Faster Then A Speeding Bullet ! Lewis Hamilton

The Olympic torch has been lit and the man from the Island of Great Britain Lewis Hamilton did not disappoint.

Team McLaren is in a sport of Formula One racing and this season defined by its competitiveness, with hundredths of seconds and the tiniest of margins dictating an unprecedented seven different winners in the first seven races, Hamilton’s 0.38sec pole position margin over Frenchman Romain Grosjean, who starts on the front row for the first time, is a chasm.

“I’m very happy with the work the guys have done, It’s a good boost for the team but it’s a long race and we need to keep our cool. Tyres will be important and the degradation interesting and I hope that, for once, we have a good start.” – Lewis Hamilton

Sunday will be the second day of the Olympics in London and what a day it would be if McLaren in it’s 150th Pole position was to bring in the gold. How sweet it would be to all in the Kingdom where the Queen can give you the licence to kill.

A twitter follower of mine sent this to me today;

‏@lauyluz @MYNAMEISKHANcdn @LewisHamilton Im pretty sure that he will win tomm! The spirit of #MuhammedAli be with him! 150 pole! He deserves it 🙂

Yes, it’s true Lewis Hamilton has those qualities of Ali, he will never give up, never stop trying, if he falls he will get back up, and like the champ Muhammad Ali who I have had the great honor to lunch with is a very nice man.

Who say’s nice guys don’t finish first. Lewis Hamilton all of Montreal was rooting for you where you are King.


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