Lewis Hamilton King of Valencia ? European Grand Prix

Vettel’s lap, over three tenths quicker than McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton, who will start alongside him on the front row, brought the German level with two of the sport’s greats in Jim Clark and Alain Prost on 33 career poles.

Many think that this years astonishing season of different drivers winning races’s is soon coming to an end. However, this year has also proven that in some case’s where you start really does not matter.

It is expected that today the sun will be blaring down and it will reach sizzling heat on the track, so if you did not eat breakfast you can fry an egg right in pit lane.

Tires will again become an issue. How many pit stops and while McLaren has not been too swift in this area.

It is Sunday, and as in the National Football League, anything can happen on any given Sunday.

Valencia is a boring track, the straight- away’s are not that at all they are long curves, imagine your hands under a women’s arm-pits and sliding down her side over her hips, it’s not straight, if it is straight for you then your not with what I call a women. Passing is nearly impossible.

At the Canadian Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton was King of Montreal, will he be King of Valencia or will it be someone who has been lurking in the back that will emerge the winner today. Like I said, it’s any given Sunday.

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