Bold Moves By Bugatti With BlackBerry At The Ritz Montreal

The Ritz Carlton Montreal during the Canadian Grand Prix was playing host to Bugatti Automobiles. Entering my room I found a nice welcome note with chocolates by Bugatti. While many think that the Bugatti is sexy in any color, these Bugatti chocolates by the Ritz Montreal were oh so sweet and perfectly complimented the car, hotel, and the weekend in Montreal. “Sweet”.

Many of my friends have a Bugatti. In Iron Man 3 , you will see the Bugatti sitting in the garage. Others drive them and have been known to race the California Highway Patrol.

Luxury was at play at the Ritz, the excitement was building the Ritz bar was in full swing, and the head of Bugatti North America customer service department Edouard Klein and his team were keeping in contact with the world using the BlackBerry Bold. Bugatti and BlackBerry complimented each other with the sleekness of design and the Bugatti team was eager to show-off the BlackBerry Bold to me in play at the Ritz in Montreal.

It was bold people making bold moves and in this case it was BlackBerry Bold moving with the sexy automobiles of Bugatti. The art of style be bold.

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