Lewis Hamilton King of Montreal – Canadian Grand Prix

Do you believe in dreams? Do you believe in magic? You should as that is what was happening in Montreal at the Canadian Grand Prix 2012.

Magic was all around and at play it was as if Merlin himself had waved his magic wand and said “McLaren shall win and Lewis Hamilton this time shall be crowned King of Montreal.”

My weekend with McLaren could not have started on a better note with Ron Dennis in Toronto and translated into the magic that was took place in Montreal. I told Ron Dennis that many were rooting for McLaren and he said, “I certainly am”.

Lewis Hamilton was cool and calm, and through the race he kept it cool even when the McLaren pit crew messed up. The call’s started coming on the radio “Push it”, and Lewis Hamilton did just that. He pushed his car, he did his slide which he loves to do and he won in Canada where he won his very first Grand Prix.

Yes magic was at play, and it was great for everyone including his friends who had come to watch him in Canada.

Last time I came to Montreal I was with the master of funk Prince, and this time it was with the King of Montreal.

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