Bold People Make Bold Moves On BlackBerry At Canadian Grand Prix

Nicole Scherzinger is busy at work she is on her BlackBerry Bold and she is multi-tasking. Nicole told me she is always on her BlackBerry Bold, sending e-mails, and in constant communication and she love’s it.

Lewis Hamilton’s best friend since high school, is nearby sitting and also with his command center in his palm his BlackBerry Bold.

Mark Perkins the manger for formula one driver Narain Karthikeyan is in communication with Monaco where he resides also on race day checking his e-mails as well as sending text messages out keeping in communication with the team principal in Spain on his BlackBerry Bold.

Here in the paddocks of the Canadian Grand Prix 2012, it was Canadian technology of RIM Corporations, BlackBerry Bold, in full use and in demand. This is the ultimate sport for technology, formula one racing and BlackBerry Bold was every present keeping those who need to stay informed with the world connected.

Have a look at some of the bold people in the paddocks in full command with BlackBerry Bold.

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