‘My Weekend With McLaren’ – Starts With Ron Dennis – Canadian Grand Prix

There is perhaps no better way to kick start the Canadian Grand Prix 2012 then to begin it with the defending champion McLaren,  it’s principal Ron Dennis and his sterling crews launch of McLaren in Canada.

The man who gave me my first ride in a Ferrari was none other then the greatest formula one driver this country has ever produced the legendary Gilles Villeneuve, who first got his big break in formula one in a McLaren. I attempted to combine this in my fashion statement wearing my red Puma shoes, as Gilles while getting his start in a McLaren went on to drive for Ferrari, but this was not going to fly at the McLaren opening. This was about my weekend with McLaren, so no red shoes please, and so I was told.

McLaren is not just a car. A McLaren is like a women you see sitting having tea at Hôtel Ritz in Paris dressed from head to toe in Chanel amplifying glamorous sex-appeal, classically refined and alluring yet underneath it all lurks La Femme Nikita.

My first time in a McLaren was in Australia’s Northern Territory with formula one driver Gerhard Berger driving while I sat in the back exhilarated and horrified as the McLaren felt it was traveling at the speed of sound hitting speeds unimaginable in a conventional car when Gerhard turned his head around and looked at me and said, “now you want to see what this baby can really do?”, naturally I said “let it rip.”

As one of Canada’s greatest auto dealerships Pfaff Auto launched it’s partnership with McLaren, the excitement was building, the buzz factor was off the star meter the launch was in true McLaren style first class all the way.

This weekend with McLaren will be up close and personal, without the red shoes.

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