Deanna – She Is The Queen Of The King – Talent at Canadian Grand Prix

Deanna, she is a singer, songwriter,performer and Canadian. This girl is fly.

Deanna derives her musical inspiration from her life experiences. She digs down deep, she knows what hurts her, what makes her happy, the light and the dark from these memories she put’s them to a beat and refines them and lays down the tracks, that would make you just dance or feel mellow.

Having grown up in a large family this young talented Canadian is working hard to finish her album, and then break it in the United Kingdom where she feels she will get good support for her work she may change her mind once she completes her album as with any music you never know when or where your break will come from.

Deanna, is also adapting, she is learning her trade and open to all the possibilities, willing to experiment, a good sign of a musician who you know will only develop and mature while perfecting her craft.

I sat down with Deanna at the Ritz Carlton Toronto Patio Casa Bacardi to chat about her album and this conversation straight up talk from Deanna, who played an adult while still a young girl. What truly is refreshing is that none of her hardships have darkened her spirit, look into her eyes and all you see is light, and life. This is an artist who knows that everything in life is a lesson to learn and grow from and translate these experiences into something beautiful in the form of music to share with the world.

Here is a track of Deanna’s work and I think you will agree with me this girl makes you smile and you just want to bust out your dance moves.

Will be keeping a close eye on Deanna as she develops.  You are discovering her the weekend of the Canadian Grand Prix when the world will focus on Canada, so world here is a young Canadian for you. Deanna. Here is her interview and the track ‘Work It’.  Welcome to Canada.

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