Josefine – Model From Sweden With Love !

Josefine comes from the land that is called Sweden. In Sweden everyone likes to keep up with the Jones’s not in a material way, in the health way. “They all want to out-health each other”, said Josefine as we sat in a Yorkville coffee shop.

I was catching up with Josefine who was on her way to Sweden a day after the British/Irish boy-band One Direction had been in town. My ears still reverberating from the screams. Josefine had seen my YouTube video and told me she just laughed, as it reminded her of her time going to the concert when she was 7 and being crazy about Back Street Boys. Now she is crazy about “Ozzy” Osborne

“I love girls loving boy bands. I’d be the same if I saw Ozzy, LOL. No actually I would contain myself in an attempt to remain cool but probably escape to a nearby washroom and ram myself into the walls for a bit to calm down.”

I ran into Josefine one day at a coffee shop on Queen Street West, after time spent with models from America’s Next Top Models Live CN Tower, Edgewalk. My mobile phone had died and I decided to charge my phone and have a coffee.

Overhearing a Swedish accent, as Josefine had been on the phone and having spent lots of time in Stockholm myself I decided to find out more about her. What a discovery this was.

Josefine, was studying for her exams, not just any exam but in mathematics, yes she likes numbers, it’s how her brain works. There was a level of comfort between us due to ties in Sweden perhaps, and soon the various layers of Josefine began to reveal themselves to me like skin peeling off fruit. She, Josefine had also modeled, she loves to cook, make raw foods taste delicious, had traveled where she’s seen poverty, makes a mean almond yogurt, and loves astrology.

Shortly after our first meeting Josefine informed me she has signed with her agency again and now is back into modeling. This was good to hear because she is talented and had a great look.

At the coffee shop in Yorkville she was unable to contain herself at the thought of just chilling with her mom in bed, eating and being back in Sweden. I shared in her excitement, almost as if I was also going back to see my friends in Sweden.

So here let me introduce you to my Swedish discovery in Toronto, the multifaceted girl from Sweden, Josefine.

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