One Direction and The Girls Just Scream – On Tour

Hysteria, in Toronto was all around the luxury hotel Ritz Carlton. It has been under siege by young girls, fans of the Brit/Irish band One Direction.

I think that fans make the act, and I have seen my fill of fans. So today I caught up with the fans of One Direction at Ritz Carlton. Yes they were excited they where going to go to the show, and they wanted to express their love with screams at anyone that came out of the Ritz Carlton.

I caught up with the band in the lobby of the Ritz Carlton, they were just chilling with their backpacks suitcase’s, hanging out to find out what was going to happen next. Shortly afterwards, the valet arrived the tour bus was already downstairs waiting for them and then they said goodbye and off they went to the venue to get ready for the show tonight.

While all this was going on inside outside was just girls standing with cameras on the ready, cell phone and fingers on the Twitter button, as well as text button ready to point out every move the band made.

As I left the hotel, I made sure to Tweet that the band had gone, and yes some fans such as @anitalove6 asked “are you serious? I have missed One Direction?!”. I did let her know yes they have left for the venue.

I decided to take the train the GO Transit to the station Exhibition where one would have to get off in order to get to Molson Amphitheater to see One Direction concert tonight. What did I find? More girls, some with mothers in tow. When the train stopped one of the girls commented “I think my heart just stopped” that is how excited she was.

The speakers announcement came doors are about to close, and I let all the girls know if they wanted to see One Direction they needed to get off now. The were in a daze that they had arrived, with backpacks, sweaters, armed and ready to scream, mobile phones fully charged.

Let the show begin, as the British, Irish boy band begins to rock the hearts of girls everywhere. Did I see any dudes? None. No guy was in site. Why would they. They would not have a chance against the band Once Directions, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.

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