I Am Legend – Mark Webber – Will Smith – Monaco Grand Prix

Two cool dude’s in Monaco, Will Smith and Mark Webber.

Monaco Grand Prix, starts when Cannes Festival of Films finishes. It’s been like that for years and for many, especially from Hollywood it is the one time to come down and see a Grand Prix race.

I was on the set of Matrix II on the navy dockland in San Francisco  during some of the filming and the coolest thing that happened was when a Mercedes Benz 220SL arrived on the set a gift from Will Smith to his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. This tells you a lot about a guy. It say’s hey I got you something for your birthday ‘old school’ a very cool car. Everyone on the set of Matrix Reloaded fell in-love with the car.

Will Smith brought his magic, his smile, his Hollywood man in black look, only to witness the magic of Australian Mark Webber.

Mark Webber was starting in pole position. This is no guarantee that you will also get off to a good start at this unforgiving circuit. This is Grand Prix racing and anything can happen. Mark Webber and his crew at Red Bull Racing had gotten everything right, and when the light turned he was gone, without a hitch and never made a mistake in Monaco where in a blink of an eye, a lapse in focus, the sunlight hitting you hard in the eyes coming out of the tunnel can cause you to crash. None of this happened (well for Mark Webber).

To have an Australian win in Monaco his third win at Monaco Grand Prix, with Prince the master of funk playing in Australia, and the Prince of Bel Air in Monaco with the Aussie, this was the universe saying, each one of these dude’s is a Prince, Prince of music, Prince of Bel Air, and Prince of Monaco Grand Prix, Prince Mark Webber.

This was magic. In this world don’t let anyone tell you dreams don’t come true or that magic is not real. It is my friends I saw it happen in Monaco.

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