Yea! I Am The Fastest Man In Monaco – Monaco Grand Prix

Who’s the man? It is none other then the great world champion Michael-Schumacher.

Michael Schumacher zipped his car around the roads of Monte Carlo that he knows so well, full on like the champion that he is and on the day was the fastest man on Monaco.

However Michael carries with him a penalty from Barcelona, naught boy Michael and so will not start in pole position, that will go to Mark Webber.

Not for the first time, the rules of Formula One have stripped the sport of something marvellous and is the poorer for it. It is not that Schumacher does not deserve to be punished, because he does, the more so for blaming the innocent Senna for the incident. But it is a shame for the sport that Schumacher will not start in front, a shame that he could not be docked points instead, or even banned from a race.

Carrying over a punishment into the next race is a questionable procedure. Martin Whitmarsh, the McLaren team principal, said: “Michael didn’t finish the last race, so it was impossible for him to be punished in that race. So the punishment had to be carried over.”

McLaren’s Jenson Button, who will start from 13th on the grid, said: “Michael must be kicking himself. He has received a lot of criticism but he has achieved such a lot in his career and today he put together a fine lap.”

It’s race day so let’s see what drama unfolds on the streets of Monte Carlo.

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