Where There is Glitz There is Glam – Monaco Grand Prix

It’s the Grand Prix of Monaco.

My Friend Robert and his team begin working on this major event months in advance. The hotel rooms have to be locked in, the restaurants have to be all arranged, the yachts organized, the private jets, and most important of all the drinks.

Hannah another friend of mine for her there is no sleep she is too busy with the glam, the glitzy glam of Amber Lounge Monaco.

The world’s most glamorous Grand Prix destination, together with the world’s most sought after After Party, Amber Lounge Monacothe party haven for F1 stars, royalty and celebrities the world over. Is the coolest club.

Monaco is my favorite Grand Prix race. There really is nothing to rival it.

In Monaco you get the sound of the cars screaming rising up as if in a tunnel to the sky. Today alone I received SMS’s from several girls who wanted to come over. One in Paris sent me and SMS that she get’s orgasms when she hears the sound of F1 cars. I wonder what would happen if I put her in my Ferrari and drove her around the track.

During the Monaco Grand Prix, there is the smell in the air of perfume, gasoline, vodka, champagne, burning rubber, body-lotion, coffee all in a small space, loaded with babes, girls who love glitz and glam.

To top off everything, Cannes Film Festival finishes in time for those wanting to come over, come and mingle with those casually walking about in jeans and sneakers.  Here you just come to spend money and spend it they do at Monaco  Grand Prix.

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