Pastor Maldonado – Kick This Guy Out – Monaco Grand Prix

It’s, Monte Carlo, Monaco Grand Prix. Only a few weeks ago Pastor Maldonado was being talked and written about by everyone including me after his win in Barcelona, Spain.

However, and I will not hold back on this. In the sport of formula one racing there is no room for an idiot like Pastor Maldonado.

This is a sport of skill, speed, team work, and you keep your cool. This is not where you use your multi-million dollar which is not yours as a weapon.

Pastor Maldonado has been given a ten-place grid penalty for hitting Sergio Perez during FP3.

Perez had moved over to the inside of the track on the approach to Portier to allow Maldonado through when the Williams turned across and made contact with the front of the Sauber. The incident occurred long before the apex of the corner and the stewards have ruled that the Maldonado caused the collision.

Maldonado has previous history of a similar incident. He was penalised for driving into Lewis Hamilton at the end of qualifying in Belgium last year having been incensed at Hamilton barging his way past when on a flying lap.

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