Rhubarb Ritz Mojito – “RR” – Ritz Carlton Toronto

Mojito is the order of the day at the Ritz Carlton patio bar in Toronto.

The new Bacardi bar, or that is what I like to call it and this patio deck is a little secret place, where you can sit and chill, have a drink, snack, all the while with the CN Tower gazing down on you, but you will never think that you are in the city.

Recently Ritz Carlton, introduced the Mojito menu of various cocktails, and while I could go on and on about how delicious they are and refreshing, nothing speak’s like a video clip.

Visiting or living in the city, this is a great spot, with food that is as delicious as the amazing cocktails. The magic of the Mojito is happening at the Ritz Carlton Toronto.

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