Magical Kingdom of Cavalia’s Odysseo – Dreamlike!

I saw Cavalia show about 6 years ago on the sandy shores of Santa Monica and I left feeling like I was floating among the clouds to the sound of ocean waves rolling onto the shore.

Today it was Toronto, a day before the show opens to view the magic that awaits all those who will attend the show.

Cavalia’s Odysseo is just a high-tech marvel with changing landscapes, waterfalls, a lake that appears as if by magic, and you would never know that there is a massive tank of water sitting below the stage ready to shoot the water up causing this lake.

I had a chance to speak to the tour manager, who informed me this tour is bigger then U2, or anything that the Rolling Stones have ever mounted, requiring 100 trucks. That’s a lot of trucks.

The show has music that transforms you into another world, as the horses and human fuse creating a spectacular colorful show, with dancers and acrobats. This is visual orgasm. The show stuns your senses and all those involved in it are passionate about the work they do and are loving every minute the opportunity to entertain those who come to see this one amazing show.

I love horses, riding and playing polo. The horsemanship in the show that involves eleven different breed of horses is thrilling, exciting, combined with the open space under the massive tent and visual effects leaves you breathless.

For me this was really a place of magic. As I was leaving those who showed me into the show asked how I liked it? I told them I did not want to leave this world and go to the world awaiting outside, with car’s, traffic, and building’s. The world I had arrived in and the experience I had just had left me wanting for more, the freedom of nature in which horses roam free, and dance to the music with fellow humans in harmony.

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