Pastor Maldonado – First Venezuelan to Win Formula One –

In Barcelona, Spain at the Spanish Grand Prix 2012, magic was real and dreams where coming true, for a young Venezuelan Formula One driver, and a nation, where I am sure every young boy is dreaming of becoming a formula one driver. This was history in the making.

Pastor Maldonado, became, in Barcelona, Spain the first Venezuelan to stand as a winner or for that matter on the podium in a formula one race and thus history was made, at the Spanish Grand Prix.

The season has just been so exciting this year from the start, and it comes down to the pit crews, and tires as always in racing.

The debate raged about whether Williams crew had called in Pastor Maldonado too early for a change of tire’s to finish off the race. There was a scary moment of the pit stop by Ferrari who as usual this season, had been super fast, slick, and could this have been the moment to put the Spanish driver Fernando Alonso in the lead.

The last six laps of the race was a nail biting affair, can the tires hold out, Ferrari and the very experienced Alonso breathing down the neck of the Williams driver.

In the end there was no stopping Pastor Maldonado, and making  history in the world of formula one.

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