Joy Okafo – Model – Tokyo to Cairo

I was on a mission to track down Joy Okafo, who also reminded me a great deal of Andy Allo the super cool guitar chick who rock the stage for the master of funk Prince.

At America’s Next Top Model Live, I did run into Joy who had just finished for the day and was on her way out but she was gracious enough to give me the time to find out a little bit more about her.

If there was a photo-shoot to do in Cairo, Egypt then I would pick Joy Okafo to shoot in some very cool spots I know around Cairo. Joy Okafo in the land that started fashion and makeup by the ladies of style of fashion from Nefertiti to Cleopatra, now that would be fun.

While I could tell you that Joy, has a great smile, or what Joy like’s on her pizza and that she would be a cool person just to hang with, there is nothing better then letting Joy tell it in her own word’s.

Here is the discovery of Joy Okafo.

So here is the very cool model who is with Sutherland Model, from Toronto, a Canadian, Joy Okafo.

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