Pastor Maldonado Happy for Williams and Venezuela.

What is there not to be happy about if you are Pastor Maldonado.

“It was a great rating, and I’m especially happy for the work they have done on your computer, and Venezuela. Have done a great job and everyone must be happy to see this result. Hopefully tomorrow will be another positive day and we fight for being on the podium, “said Maldonado after his brilliant performance.

“Yesterday we thought the ‘Top 10’ was possible, and this morning I was very surprised with my performance: going very fast, and I thought it was possible to be ahead,” he said.

Is it possible that Maldonado’s ride in the Williams is only because of a major sponsorship? Well according to the man he said, “I think I’m lucky to have not only a sponsor on my back, but a whole country. Try to give the maximum, and my mission is to bring the Williams to the top. We must keep working hard and insist, and I think it as possible. ”

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