Mind Mechanics Rock it at Hard Rock

Mind Mechanics, is a band that hit’s the stage and gives you everything they have got. That is what live performers do. It’s not easy work. It takes a lot of energy.

Mind Mechanics are an alternative, hard rock band with a progressive edge. They thrive on playing live and display pure musicianship with each and every performance.

The band members of Gene Celeste, John B. Stitt, Michael david Wolf, and Sean Gregory played a short set last night at Hard Rock and they delivered the goods. The band has been time for a long time, so you would expect them to be tight, while sharing with you the mastery of their craft.

Mind Mechanics the band has a new single coming out, and a new music video, and this is all good news. However I have to tell you Mind Mechanics is a band you really have to see live.

Edgy, rock, alternative, full-on, in your grill music at Hard Rock was what Mind Mechanics delivered. Keep your ears open for this band.

Here is a short clip from the Hard Rock.

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