Ferrariiiii !! No It’s FARAHRI – America’s Next Top Model Live

Farahri the performer, singer, super-fun loving, who can make anyone’s body shake is have one hell of a ball at America’s Next Top Model Live. Yes, Lady Gaga, your not the only one having a ball.

I have been with Farahri and her manager the very cool Roy of Sugga-I Music Group following the adventure of a lady who leave all her soul on the stage, and re-charges herself with super-fast the give some of her dazzle to her fans.

At America’s Next Top Model Live I have seen Farahri hang off the tallest catwalk in the sky at CN Towers EdgeWalk, walk in shoes all day that are as tall as the tower itself, and rock the Pandora catwalk with her sizzling performance and dancers.

Farahri and her crew you don’t want to miss. Here is Farahri from the catwalk in the sky the EdgeWalk to rocking it on Pandora’s Open Catwalk at America’s Next Top Model Live.

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