My Date With Four Model’s In The Sky – America’s Next Top Model Live

Evelyn Li, Carol Brantnell, Olivia Singh, Heather Kelsall

If someone had told me I would have a date with four tall future supermodels, I would have said “come on they are all tall”. This date was at 1,815 feet, 5 inches above the city of Toronto and that is just another level. That’s what I call tall.

Four finalist’s from Sutherland Model Supermodel Search 2012 , Olivia Singh, Evelyn Li, Carol Brantnell, Heather Kelsall, where joined by the lady who can make anyone rock their body the bombshell performer Farahri,and Lisa D’Amato winner of ANTM All-Star series 2011, to walk the EdgeWalk at Toronto’s CN Tower.

It was clear to me that the girls had come to play in the clouds making this the a catwalk that they will never forget. Yes they could walk for Dior, Chanel, do New York, Milan, and Paris but there is nothing like being above everyone else. Lady Gaga you may be rocking Hong Kong but these girls really know how to have a ball, they really are girls who where born this way to have a ball.

Trust me when I tell you this. Don’t miss the America’s Next Top Model Live it’s loaded with fun, fashion, style, music and beautiful girls. Now that is what I call a party.

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