Assassination Tango? Oh No It’s Tango Tea !

One of my friends and also my trainer in Los Angeles with whom I had many adventures from the Hollywood Hills to Venice beach was Frank Cassavetes. He was to me and everyone who really knew him just Frankie.
Frankie’s brother is Nick Cassavetes who is a film director, and who’s father John was also a film director married to the actress Gena Rowlands.

The Cassavetes are old school Hollywood family. They have old school Hollywood friends such as Robert Duvall.

While Robert Duvall can never be forgotten for his role in The Godfather he is also a film-maker. Assassination Tango was a film that Robert Duvall was excited to make in Argentina, and Frankie began training Duvall at the Golds gym in Venice in preparation for the part.

In the film Assassination Tango Robert Duvall created a character with the name Frankie to pay homage to his friend and trainer who also has a club in Argentina called  ‘Frankie’s’.

El Almacen, is a great little cafe that I discovered last year and walking into it yesterday, I was told to come back if I was in the hood to watch some Tango. The owners are Argentinian and Mexican couple who are absolutely delightful.

Tango is about passion. It has nothing to do with the man. It is all about the passion to show-off the women, in dance, so other will desire her as well. The man sole role in Tango is to make the women he is dancing with look astonishingly seductive, desirable, erotic, and sexy.

This was the scene yesterday afternoon as well as the essence of Tango. I could not leave out Assassination Tango because that’s where the story of Tango began for me, at Frankie’s.

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