Love For Lady Gaga – These Girls Born This Way !

In less the twenty four hours Lady Gaga will kick off her global tour ‘Born This Way Ball’. The passion of her fans is undisputed, and her fans are some very talented people.

Lady Gaga had her birthday few weeks ago and got herself  a sweet ride the Audi R8 GT. So the chef at Clafouti in Toronto decided to make Lady Gaga a dessert. Something light, and sweet, that would still let you dance, and dance with the sweetness of the Tiramisu.

To document the event a photo shoot was organized bringing together the ‘girl power’ of the photographer, make-up artist, and the hair stylist each contributing their talents to make this happen for the Lady Gaga ‘Tiramisu’ Born This Way Ball Tour.

The shoot was done with the fashion of Magpie who have designed for the King of funk Prince, as well as Andy Allo.

The photo shoot was done in the kitchen of Clafouti to reinforce that pop star’s do eat, and no matter how big a pop star you become, or what ever dreams you have, some of the best times are in a kitchen where you share the love for food with family. These girls like all of us are just ‘Born This Way’ to share with love. In the style and manner of Lady Gaga, who leaves it all on the stage.



Gigi Presentey – Photographer:

“When I first saw Lady Gaga perform, I believe it was in some television or movie awards ceremony. I immediately took a liking to her weird space-age pop punk apparel and her catchy tune (just dance). Her attitude on stage and her backup dancers were something new to my eyes.”








Tamar Yohannes – Stylist: Is a very talented artist. Tamar not only has the eye for styling hair, she has the eye for the look of how a shoot could turn out it’s a natural that she shared for the shoot.

“I love anything to do with hair, makeup and art in general….I’m self taught in all my beauty skills. I come from a family of artists. So Its in my blood. One love”








Safia Chatoo – Make-up Artist: Safia is a Lady Gaga fan with a flare. Like any make-up artist Safia wanted to know what was going to be the look for the shoot, she would require a full hour to prepare the model for this shoot.

Would Safia like to work with Lady Gaga and her crew. Hell Ya!

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