Little Bit of Country by Grand Canyon at The Drake Hotel

In Los Angeles, I lived in the hills above Sunset and could go see several bands in one night from the House of Blues, to the Viper Room.

Since arriving back to Toronto from Los Angeles I have been wanting to go to The Drake Hotel and see what’s up. It’s taken a while to get there but I am glad that it happened on an evening when a friend of mine the very talented Jessica Mitchell was opening for Grand Canyon a country band comprised of Courtney Farquhar & Chris Seldon.

Never rush things in life, that is my motto, things will happen when the universe wants them to happen. For me I was not meant to walk into The Drake Hotel till this moment, where magic was at play with the music of Grand Canyon and the voices’s of Courtney and Chris blending like fine aged whiskey.

From the moment I walked into the The Drake, I was pleasantly surprised and instantly helped and guided by Sonia at the door. A musician whom I had seen play live was tending bar. My friend Jessica Mitchell was the opening act, and talented photographer Michael Patrick a very good friend had also arrived. The lighting in the room was perfect and I was at home at The Drake.

Courtney Farquhar & Chris Seldon are two very nice human beings, and when you listen to them perform it will sound as if they have been together forever yet they have only been together as Grand Canyon for a year and a half. Chris talked to me about country music and connecting with the audience, and this duo connect. If you have been around country music you will find everyone is just nice pleasant and Courtney and Chris are no different. The Grand Canyon is a MUST see if you are in the city, you really don’t want to miss the magic they perform on stage at The Drake on any given Tuesday.

The Grand Canyon is all about keeping the magic of music alive and they perform magic because they believe that magic is real and dreams do come true at the right time. Courtney Farquhar & Chris Seldon’s time has arrived. Have a listen from last night as they perform ‘The Departed’.

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