Rock Talk with Michael David Wolf

‘The Canadian music industry hang out in the capital of Canada tonight for the Juno Awards 2012, and they should all take note of talent that is as good, if not better them some of them. Michael David Wolf and Mind Mechanics.’

If your going to sit down with a lead singer of the band Mind Mechanics and talk rock, your gonna have to do it at the right place.

Michael David Wolf and I sat down on bar stools at Czehoski.

Rock and Roll my friends is a grind. Just ask any band. To me any story of any Canadian talent is an important story. I am ashamed of my Country, Canada who do absolutely nothing to support talent. Everyone, has to go to the United States to make it, if you want to make it big. So I am gonna do my part to shake things up, and rock out talent on the pages of My Name is Khan.

Michael, who I called ‘David'(corrected me immediately) and introduced to John the owner of Czehoski who prior to leaving for the day shared shots with us which just goes to show you that John is a class act, and why his establishment is a comfortable place to sit and talk. Rock talk is what we did.

Michael started at the age of 6 exploring music and by the time he was 13 he was jam’n music. Michael grew up early. He was a father by the time he was twenty and with it came all kind of responsibility Micheal while divorced from his wife still has managed as if by magic to keep the unit of family together. They all live in the same house and everyone knows that this is very hard to do, however as Micheal told me it’s all working out. Separate lives, same home. That is rock and roll.

The band Mind Mechanics have been working together for more than ten years. They feed off each others creativity. Their music reflects their distinct personalities yet manages to take on a life of it’s own. John Stitt: Guitars,Vocals. Michael David Wolf: Vocals. Gene Celeste: Drums. Mind Mechanics is the brainchild of Guitarist, Singer John Stitt and Drummer, lyricist Gene Celeste. The pair had written songs together for years and were putting together a record with Bassist, Engineer, and Producer Sean Gregory. All they needed was the right singer. Michael was introduced to the fold, and the chemistry was obvious from the get-go.

Mind Mechanics are an alternative, hard rock band with a progressive edge. They thrive on playing live and display pure musicianship with each and every performance. I am a big fan of live performance. I love live music, because if you can’t put on a show live you can pretty much forget about making it in the music business. All my friends who have bands some being the biggest in the world are great live and break attendance records because they are so good at putting on a show.

The band separated for a while and reunited with Michael upon his return to Toronto in 2009, and to Mind Mechanics, to once again take the helm of Lead Vocalist for “Latest In The News”, the groups most well-crafted and intentional offering yet.

Mind Mechanics is no different. This band has jelled over time. They know each other. If you watch the Rolling Stones, you will see Mick move up and down and across the stage, but he will always know where Keith and Ronnie are.

“Driving vocals, progressive instrumentals, and meaningful lyrical subjects really help separate this band from other rock bands.”

– Ultima Music Blog review, March 2012

The band has a new album, financed out of pocket of one of the band members, and they are looking to a gig in the United States. I like Michael and Mind and Mechanic music, they are hometown boys, with great music and Michael a very talented singer with range. Rock and roll guys and all the best on your new album. Check this tune ‘Haunt The Highway’ really like this tune, it tell’s me this band is ready to explode.

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