De México, Sergio Pérez Magia

In May of 2011 Sergio “Checo” Pérez had a fatal crash at the circuit that is my favorite. The Monaco Grand Prix, in Monte Carlo.

Fast forward to The Malaysian Grand Prix 2012, and what an exciting race. It has been a while since Formula One witnessed such a dramatic race in which the hero was someone from a team other than the established names like Ferrari, McLaren and Red Bull. In fact, the last such race that comes to mind was the 2009 Belgian Grand Prix Grand Prix, where Giancarlo Fisichella scored a sensational second-place finish for Force India behind Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen. Then there was the rain-affected 2008 Italian Grand Prix which was won by the then relatively unknown Sebastian Vettel driving a Toro Rosso. This race marked the birth of Vettel as Formula One’s latest star. The race in Malaysia could very well do something similar to the 21-year-old Sergio Perez.

Take a spin with Sergio.

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