German ‘Kraftwerk’ ! kinda like the fish that grew legs!

Kraftwerk has remained true to themselves, and what themselves are is progressive.

Kraftwerk isn’t the genesis of electronic music, they’re like the first fish that grew legs and danced. They have influnced most hip hop, and electronic music, and put the ‘E’ in EDM.

While Berlin is my spot in Germany Kraftwerk meaning power plant in German come from another great city where I have had a lot of fun Düsseldorf. The band’s very German mastery of automation, precision, and repetation renders the men on stage as close to robots as their Man-Machine album would suggest. To say one Kraftwerk performance is really any better than another is to swear that the automated Pirates at Disney World seemed like they really were putting more effort and umph into the ride this time.

Kraftwerk at Ultra Music Festival was kind of like getting to see the Sex Pistols and Ramones at Warped Tour or the ghost of Bob Marley at a reggae fest — just about every other band on the bill owes them a considerable debt. The crowd was appreciatively full, and the band drew the biggest concentration of people that the live stage at the Klipsch Amphitheater had seen all night. Not to mention its oldest. Yes, magic was real at the Ultra Music Festival 2012.

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