Smooth as Silk driving of Jenson Button

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button started the Australian Grand Prix season opener 0f 2012 in top pole positions. Button behind Hamilton. Yet it was Jenson Button’s McLaren that came ripping off the grid with a grind to remain unchallenged throughout the race.

As Jenson Button did last year he is very good at not shredding through his tires while driving as if on flames. This is just good driving and good team management. There are a lot of advantages when your in the lead and having clean lines into the turn being one of them.

With a strong performance, McLaren showed it had closed the gap on the Red Bull team which dominated 2011, and set the stage for a more competitive season.

“It was an amazing day,” Button said. “Starting the year strong for this team is really important. The past two years for us have been tricky for us coming into the first race. It points us in a great position for the next few races and on the right foot.”

The magic was real and dreams came true for McLaren as a team and Jenson Button.

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